My First Studio Shoot!

My First Studio Shoot!

I shot my very first photoshoot (and collaboration) in a photo studio downtown LA in February! This was super exciting for me because I have been in many studios assisting another persons production, but this time I was in charge! I was shooketh by all of the equipment included in this rental! I didn’t know how to use half the stuff that was in there 😅 But it was great being able to experiment with lighting and attempting to use off camera flash for the first time (it was a fail 🙅🏾‍♀️)

This portrait series was done in collaboration with my friend Heaven who created each makeup look. The concept behind this portrait series was mental illness. The goal was to shed light on the various emotions that people battle when they are suffering from mental illnesses. Each makeup look represents a different emotion: anger, irritation, anxiety, stress, and focus. Although I don’t have a mental illness myself, Heaven was able to give me insight on what each emotion meant to her as she created each look. This emotional roller coaster of images will tell the story of a battle against oneself.


I get angry quite a lot, at least a couple times a week I’m ready to throw hands with someone because of what they did or said. The style that I did for this look is supposed to concentrate on the eyes and lips because you can tell when I’m angry with my eyes and I probably have something slick to say as well.
— Heaven toussaint


This goes hand in hand with angry, it’s just a level below if that makes sense. In my opinion people are quite irritating with all their quirks and whatnot, some days are just filled with one irritating thing after the next. I left this look simple because it really is the smallest things that irritate me.
— Heaven toussaint


I get stressed out quite a bit, I have a super busy schedule and it’s tough being a college student overall. Dealing with my [mental illness] is stressful because it requires extra work outside of whatever is happening in my life and it can’t be ignored or I’ll spiral.
— Heaven toussaint


This is an emotion that has developed recently, I’ve never experienced anxiety until a couple months ago and it makes my brain scattered, I can’t get anything done. Every task is represented by a bubble, some are small, some are big some are small but they are all impossible to complete when I’m anxious.
— Heaven toussaint


Focusing is very hard for me, it’s like pulling teeth to be honest, there’s so many things in this world that take up time and time management is non existent for me. So when I have to focus it’s like pulling out teeth and really takes a toll on me.
— Heaven toussaint

Photographer/Creative Director: Stephanie Bell

Makeup Artist/Creative Director: Heaven Toussaint

Models: Airin, Sarah & Kendall